Egypt, Persia, ancient Rome, or Mesopotamia. Cork has always accompanied humanity, archaeologists found several amphorae, closed with a cork stopper and filled with wine in the ruins of Pompeii.
Nebbie owes a lot to the cork oak, its cork is a fundamental part of our design. We are in love with this extraordinary material, with unique properties. 100 percent natural, reusable, biodegradable and recyclable.
Cork is obtained through a process that respects the environment and has a very low impact, without cutting down or damaging any tree, which allows the cork oak forest to remain one of the most valuable ecosystems in terms of biodiversity in Europe, habitat of species emblematic and threatened, such as the imperial eagle, the black stork or the Iberian lynx.
It is antistatic, static electricity does not accumulate on the surface of the cork, which means that it neither attracts nor absorbs dust. Contributing to the purity of the air, and limiting contact with allergens. In addition, its surface is very easy to clean.
Being an inert material, it does not absorb odors and is extremely durable, it will not affect it over the years or lose any of its extraordinary properties.
Excellent thermal insulator, it helps to keep the water at the temperature that your roots need to develop, and those of your plants :)
The touch and beauty of this material reveal Nebbie's concept of beauty. It reminds us that nature does not stop giving us gifts, having one of them at home is a way to immerse yourself in it, to be part of something bigger.

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