How does Nebbie work?

How does Nebbie work?

High pressure aeroponics is a complex and amazing technology, bringing it to the indoor market has been one of the great challenges in the development of our product.

Nebbie nebulizes water with nutrients on the bare roots of the plants, this is the trigger of an incredible process. Whenever it is high pressure aeroponics, the roots develop a piliferous zone, sub-roots, to be able to absorb the nutrients, the adaptation to the new medium can be seen with the naked eye.

Our patented solid mineral fertilizer provides all the micro and macro nutrients your plants need.

Our 5 liters tank allows an autonomy of up to 2 months.

Our smart lighting system allows you to grow any plant, any time of the year.

Our IoT connects you, allows you to be more free.

This is Nebbie, innovation and technology at the service of nature. With a design thought to fill our homes with beauty and uniqueness.

But how does Nebbie work?

The process is simple, dissolve our nutrients in water, fill the tank, connect Nebbie and choose what to grow. You can start with seeds or do it with seedlings.

The app and the light signals of the equipment will keep you informed of any incident that requires your intervention: water level, hours of light, growth stage of your plants and will recommend you what to do.

Nebbie is a sustainable alternative to soil-based growing systems, able to change the way we grow and interact with Nature.

Nebbie grow the future Nature.

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