HP Aeroponics

HP Aeroponics
Real roots grown at Nebbie seen under the microscope

High pressure aeroponics puts technology at the service of nature, but not to bend it, but to optimize resources.

It is a sustainable alternative to growing that represents a water saving of more than 90% compared to traditional crops, and also much higher than hydroponic systems.

In aeroponics, plants grow without soil, their bare roots are suspended in the air and directly absorb the nutrients, which are nebulized, creating mist.

Nutrient misting is the trigger for an amazing process at the roots. Whenever it is under high pressure, the roots develop a hairy zone, sub-roots, to be able to absorb the nutrients, the adaptation to the new environment can be seen with the naked eye.

Nebbie is high pressure aeroponics, unique in the indoor home garden market. Unlike fake aeroponic systems (FAG), our pump is capable of nebulizing water in drops of between 5 and 50 microns. Nebbie creates mist and the roots respond to her, I wish Darwin could see it.

Nebbie's built-in technology sprays the plants at 5-second intervals every 5 minutes, a perfect combination of active and inactive period that provides the plants with everything they need to grow and the necessary “rest” time.

 The nutrient-rich water is kept within a closed and airtight loop system to prevent evaporation and light penetrating the root chamber.

The different chambers are separated, so that the roots do not come into contact with the water directly and the ventilation system provides the oxygen necessary for the development of the microorganisms that come into play in the process of absorption of nutrients, providing the roots with certain conditions optimal development.

By growing without soil, the chances of pests are minimized and with it the use of insecticides, another great advantage of HP aeroponics.

Nebbie, ecological products grown in a comfortable, clean way and reducing your CO2 brand and your water footprint.


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