Our Value

Our Value
During the development of Nebbie we did not have a price in mind. We only think about the quality of the product, its useful life and the care in the design, the value is only the sum.
We could have renounced some of these premises to reduce the sale price, but it would no longer be Nebbie, it would be something different ... We may have reached more people, but we have long assumed that we are not designing a consumer product of masses.
A cheaper pump? Sure, there are hundreds on the market, but we chose a swiss pump, with high performance, fatigue resistance and stainless steel, which allows us to be the only company in the world that offers high pressure aeroponics for the indoor home gardens market.
Manufacturing in countries outside the European Union? It would have been cheaper, but the shelf life of the product would not be the same. EU has one of the most demanding laws in the world in terms of quality standards.
We are European, we trust european design and manufacturing, and we are committed to sustainability. Growing your own vegetables has a direct impact on reducing the CO2 mark, but if your Nebbbie has traveled half the planet before being manufactured, that doesn't make sense, don't you think?
This is why Nebbie is 100% imagined, designed and manufactured in Europe.
Nebbie is something unique, who does not value the quality and exclusivity of what they take home, it is quite likely that they will not be attracted to our product, and we understand it perfectly, we could not manufacture a Nebbie for each inhabitant of the earth.
Our concept of sustainability is to buy less, select well what we buy, buy better and sometimes pay a price in line with the quality of the product. Nebbie is worth what it costs, simple as that. 
For those who do value having a unique piece, with the best technology, quality materials  and a beautiful design, welcome. 

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