Nebbie for a Sustainable World

Nebbie for a Sustainable World

High pressure aeroponics is the most sustainable growing system that exists.

Nebbie means a water saving of more than 90% compared to soil growing, more than 90%, there is not much left to say.
No pests, no pesticides.
Grow your own food and eliminate at least part of your CO2 footprint.
And with total freedom to grow any plant, at any time of the year.

Our planet faces challenges, but more and more of us believe that the solution lies within us, and our extraordinary capacity to overcome them.

The world must become a sustainable place to live if we are to have a world for ourselves, and for those who follow us.

People, at least those who are reading this, have long been aware of this, now it is the turn of companies. New materials, new ways of manufacturing and new approaches to what sustainable consumption means.

Today we can choose what we buy, based not only on economic criteria, and take into account the impact on the planet and on people's lives of what we consume. Because we are increasingly aware of our responsibility and also of our right to build a better world together.

Conscious consumption is born out of the desire to be part of the solution, a desire that throughout human history has taken us far, driven us forward and made us better.

This commitment to sustainability has changed our way of living and consuming, because challenges are there to be overcome, but with real alternatives. 

Nebbie is an alternative and a real solution.


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