Nebbie IoT

Nebbie IoT

We are all aware of the need to save energy, but how to monitor energy consumption to optimize resources, the answer is internet of things.

The IoT concept emerged after a bet in 1989, Dan Lynch challenged John Romkey to connect a toaster to the Internet, thus was born the "Sunbeam Deluxe Automatic Radiant Control Toaster to the Internet" a toaster connected to the Internet.

Since then, IoT has evolved from a crazy idea to something real, accessible and that really improves people's lives in many areas.

Nebbie OS makes possible another way of farming, simple, clean, sustainable. And of living. Optimizing all the resources involved in growing plants: water, energy, time and space.

Plants don't talk, otherwise they would be perfect! Knowing their needs is often a challenge, when to water, when to fertilize, what light do my plants need?

Nebbie solves all these headaches; its IoT translates all this potential into simple to carry out commands.

Integrated and designed to match your rhythms with those of your plants.

With alerts through its app and light signals on the equipment, you will know in real time any incident that requires your intervention.

But the connectivity with your Nebbie goes beyond that, there is a two-way communication that will allow you to access all the history of your Nebbie, thanks to its data storage system: water and electricity consumption graphs, types of plants you have grown, light power used, results obtained...
This will allow you to have a perspective of your Nebbie at another level, so that you can explore and optimize its possibilities whenever you want. If not, your IoT will do it for you.

All this while respecting IoT standards and the security and privacy of your home.

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