Nebbie is Wellbeing

Nebbie is Wellbeing

Our homes are viewed for the first time in history as what they have always been, our refuge. Perhaps, because the pandemic has made us stop and value what is important, or because human beings simply do not stop evolving.


In 2019, the 100th anniversary of Roosevelt's death, American writer Patricia O'Toole reflected around a concept to which Roosevelt himself had devoted part of his life. The need to find ways to improve people's lives, to take care of their environment and of course education and healthcare.


Applying this desire to interior design, the concept of Wellbeing was born. Recognizing the work and responsibility of those who design solutions that make our lives easier or more beautiful.


We are in part what we surround ourselves with and there is a direct relationship between our environment and our degree of happiness. It is difficult to measure, but being surrounded by art and nature simply makes us happy.


But the great challenge is to achieve this dream based on sustainability and respect for the planet. Today there is a strong emotional component in the way we buy and choose what we surround ourselves with, because the certainty that as individuals we hold the key to improving things is unstoppable.


We look for natural, quality materials that stand the test of time. Materials that are able to make us feel emotions evoking memories, and feel at home reflecting who we are. Objects that are as unique as we are.


Nebbie is not only an indoor garden. Can you grow tomatoes in December? Yes, and pileas, succulents, a garden of aromatic herbs or berries, but Nebbie is much more. Is it a technological product? It has integrated IoT and smart lighting to make your life easier, but Nebbie is mostly all a piece of decoration, a unique object, made with noble and quality materials. It is able to transform a room, filling it with light and personality and making you feel, remember and be happy.

Nebbie is Wellbeing

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