Who are you?

You are optimistic, open-minded, innovative, always on the move, independent, creative in spirit, believe in innovation and technology, committed to the challenges of the planet and society, eager to be part of the solution, non-conformist, confident, impatient, empathetic, civic-minded, tolerant. You are attracted to art, value uniqueness and authentic beauty, in people and in your surroundings.

You are one of those who make a difference.

You are one of those who will revolutionize the world, so will we.

Who are you not?

Life requires commitment and Nebbie is life. We prefer to be honest. No, Nebbie is not for everyone. Everyone must find their own way of being and not just being in the world, this is just one, and it is NOT your Revolution if...

- You don't like plants. Don't get confused, Nebbie is clean, easy and pretty, but it is not a robot, even if it has robot functionalities, they are plants, they are alive!

-You don't like to take care of anything or anyone. Be free, we won't judge you. Nebbie makes it easy for you but it doesn't do everything. Plants need to feel like they are part of your life to grow.

- You don't have any patience. Our high pressure aeroponic system will make your plants grow very, very fast, it's amazing, but you're not going to go to bed and wake up with a house full of tomatoes. Calm down and enjoy the process, nature is extraordinary but she can't stand hasty.

It's okay if Nebbie is not for you, the world is upside down, you will find your own way, your own Revolution.

You have time, search, enjoy, be kind, be free and the world will revolutionize in your wake.

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