About Nebbie

1.     Unpack the box

2.     Put your seeds or seedlings

3.     Switch on your Nebbie

4.     Fill the deposit

5.     Connect your Nebbie app and IoT system

6.     Enjoy your plants and tell us

When you’ll receive our packaging, you’ll find the next:

Your choice of Nebbie model, completely assembled

Nutrients for 1 year

Seed pack

Tutoring system included in all packs during kickstarter campaign

Smart Lighting system, if you chose “Nebbie with lights”

IoT integred system, fully worked that allow you to download our app and it will help you throughout the process, with your user name and password you will be able to access all the necessary information to make your way in this new aeroponic universe and be able to collect their fruits in a simple and clean way.

And we will be on the other side to guide you and solve any question.  

When you support our kickstarter campaign, we will contact you to find out wich coating you prefer and any shipping suggestions that you want to provide us

Integrated and designed to match your rhythms with your plant rhythms.

Another growing way, simple, sustainable and clean

Using the app and the light signal, you will have control and get real time notifications about temperature, water level, lights and conductivity of the water.

But the connectivity between you and your Nebbie go farther, there is a bilateral communication that will allow you to access all the history of your Nebbie thanks to its data storage system: Water and electricity consume graphics, types of plants for growing, power light used, results obtained…

All of this allow you to have a global perspective of your Nebbie in a high level, so you will be able to explore and optimize their possibilities. IoT works for you, remember.

All this respecting the IoT standards and the security and privacy of your home.


Lighting system of Nebbie adapts to the needs of your plants and also to the possibility of your house to offer sunlight.

You will able to adjust the hours of light and its intensity, comfortably from its app.

When you have your Nebbie at home, you will have access to all the information about plant organization and lighting needs

Will I be able to buy more nutrients or seeds when kickstarter campaign finish?

Of course, this campaign is just the beginning of this adventure. Our website www.nebbie.eu will have its store active as soon as we ensure the delivery of the rewards to our supporters who today are our priority.

Of course, this campaign is just the beginning of this adventure. Our website www.nebbie.eu will have its store active as soon as we ensure the delivery of the rewards to our supporters who today are our priority.

Nebbie uses a 100% mineral fertilizer with a unique formulation, specially designed for the needs of a high pressure aeroponic system and taking into account the unique and vertical design of Nebbie.

Of course, we will be there to solve all your doubts and we will collect them to have a database that helps us all, so the Nebbie Community can provide solutions and grow at the same rate that the plants

Shipments will be free of charge in most of the European Union and we are closing agreements with logistics companies so that shipments to the rest of the world are as economical as possible

About High Pressure Aeroponics

While the majority of hydroponic systems use growing medium in one way or another, an aeroponics system does away with the growing medium and suspends the plants so all their roots are fully exposed. From here, there is a mist of water and nutrients that is sprayed or misted onto the roots.

This allows them to absorb all the nutrients and water they require as well as being able to absorb massive amounts of oxygen.

There are many more things to consider when looking at the cost effectiveness of an aeroponics system: 

-       A High Pressure aeroponic system is proven to grow vast amounts of crops quicker than many other types of system.

-       High Pressure Aeroponics reduce by 98% water consume from a standard garden

In aeroponic growing, the temperatures have to be between 4º and 22º, if where you live you can provide these conditions, of course you can place it outdoors. But our experience is that you will not be able to raise night time temperatures. About day time temperatures, a shading can help you, as long as they do not exceed 30º.

This is why Nebbie has a design that takes up little space and can be adapted to any home. But if you live in a temperate climate, your Nebbie will adapt very well outside. Always in the shade and protecting the electrical installation.

Our system allows you to start with seeds or directly introduce seedlings.

In the case of seedlings, you will have to clean the roots in depth and have a little patience because the process of adaptation to such a different environment can be a bit stressful for the plants.

Our recommendation: seeds and enjoy the rhythm of nature and the amazement of seeing how life makes its way.

But if you want to do it with seedlings, when you buy your Nebbie you will have access to all the root cleaning information and other tips that can help you.

Take care of your plants and respect their rhythms.

Of course, Nebbie is 100% reusable, you can grow one type of plants and then change and test others, in fact, you will do it many times