We are R+D


Bringing high-pressure aeroponics to the indoor market has been a challenge, and a testament to the extraordinary human capacity to excel.

Our Smart Grow concept may change the way we grow and relate to nature forever.

Roots grow suspended in the air, and water and nutrients are nebulized.

With droplets between 5 and 50 microns, Nebbie creates mist and Nature responds.

Smart Home

Integrated IoT

Integrated IoT

Internet of Things continue to advance, integrating and changing our style of life and our relationships. Nebbie is connectivity for our homes of the future.

Using the app and the light signal, you will have control and get real time notifications about temperature, water level, lights and conductivity of the water.

But our IoT go farther. There is a bilateral communication that will allow you to access all the history of your Nebbie thanks to its data storage system: Water and electricity consume graphics, types of plants for growing, light power used, results obtained…

All of this allow you to have a global perspective of your Nebbie in a high level, so you will be able to explore and optimize their possibilities

Smart Lighting


The Sun indoors

We are developing a complete range of smart lightning systems.

Our system allows a total control of the light power and the different light spectra. So that through the app it can be adapted to the type of plant and growth phase in a comfortable and immediate way

With a light, elegant, efficient and sustainable design.

Smart Grow


Grow any plant at any time

In Nebbie, you are able to grow every kind of plants, fruit, flowers, green leaf, aromatic and culinary plants. Just choose what you want, and enjoy them.

Nebbie brings biotechnology closer to the indoor home gardens, through innovative and revolutionary solutions

Our engineer and researchers team has overcome the limitations of our crazy life rhythm, so that surrounding ourselves with beauty is no longer a utopia